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Oct 1 2017 update (crosspost with gamersparadox) .. Being productive

Oct1 Blog GamersParadox or GuitarsParadox

I'm enjoying the challenge of streaming Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) and trying to get on the leaderboards.

I'm also enjoying recording ideas on guitar in Reaper (DAW). Doodling onstream has been enjoyable.  I kind of get lost in it. 

I streamed 9 hours yesterday, 10 hours day, and will be streaming tomorrow.  I've got to stream as much as possible.  I really have no other income, and have been too sick to work for so long, and get sick everytime I go play poker.

I want to plan on some "show" streams for guitar/music, a musical journey, if you will. 

I want to stick with writing and recording music on a regular basis.  Thinking about having one day a week where I write a whole song, both lyrically, and musically.  (probably on separate days)  I've always wanted to write songs for movies and such, so it would be cool to focus on that.

I also need to CREATE content for YouTube that will help both Guitar and Games.  Along those lines, I need to keep blogging more regularly.  All of it tied together should help the "brand" get off the ground and reach more people, and retain more people!  This is what is needed to support myself from home and being happy CREATING. 

It's time to schedule my "streaming programming" for what I watch during downtime, more music videos, more learning, less "tv" as it were.

It's late, and I have lots of work to do tomorrow, so I better get to bed.  Someone prompt me to write more on these blogs :P

~Sean aka Wookie

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Logitech G930 (or G35) not loud enough? Here is a fix!

     Is your PUBG not loud enough in your Logitech headphones?  Is your music not as loud as it used to be?  The problem likely comes from your software, not the hardware!

     Logitech made a poor business decision pissing off a lot of customers, when they decided to remove the preamp from the advanced EQ section of the Logitech Gaming Software, that you use with your G930 or G35 headphones.  I followed someone's advise and rolled back to 8.57 or something, where it SHOWS the preamp, but the button is grayed out and you cannot adjust it!  You can see it move a little if you change the EQ manually, but it only goes up or down a tiny bit and doesn't do what we are looking for.

     It started with version 8.45 and higher.  Something about complying with EU Standards of some kind.  Well, screw that.  I prefer my freedom to make myself go deaf if I want to! (Playing electric guitar in bands for years, I am fully aware of noise limits of the ear).

     Use version 8.40, or earlier, to get your preamp back! You can install it right over your more current version.  Go to EQ, click Advanced button (below the Bass and Treble old fashioned sliders) and on the left, you'll see the Preamp section is no longer grayed out!  Adjust to your tastes, even if you prefer to lower it to clean up your bass on the subwoofer in the surround sound.  Myself, I prefer to boost it, so I can turn the music as loud as I like, and hear wonderfully in games like PUBG with direction audio as part of the gameplay.

     Here is the link provided by Logitech, where you can find a variety of previous versions:
This is direct from  In case they ever remove the files, I have uploaded the 32 and 64 bit version of 8.40 to my public dropbox.  Just post a comment if you need, and I will provide the link.


Van Halen - Eyes of the Night (Dec. 1976)

A "virtual" album, but a must listen for any Van Halen fan, or anyone wanting to know more about the band (such as they younger generation)

Evanescence - Made of Stone(Guitar Cover)[HD]

From a friends YouTube channel, Voyevoda911

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