Sunday, October 1, 2017

Oct 1 2017 update (crosspost with gamersparadox) .. Being productive

Oct1 Blog GamersParadox or GuitarsParadox

I'm enjoying the challenge of streaming Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) and trying to get on the leaderboards.

I'm also enjoying recording ideas on guitar in Reaper (DAW). Doodling onstream has been enjoyable.  I kind of get lost in it. 

I streamed 9 hours yesterday, 10 hours day, and will be streaming tomorrow.  I've got to stream as much as possible.  I really have no other income, and have been too sick to work for so long, and get sick everytime I go play poker.

I want to plan on some "show" streams for guitar/music, a musical journey, if you will. 

I want to stick with writing and recording music on a regular basis.  Thinking about having one day a week where I write a whole song, both lyrically, and musically.  (probably on separate days)  I've always wanted to write songs for movies and such, so it would be cool to focus on that.

I also need to CREATE content for YouTube that will help both Guitar and Games.  Along those lines, I need to keep blogging more regularly.  All of it tied together should help the "brand" get off the ground and reach more people, and retain more people!  This is what is needed to support myself from home and being happy CREATING. 

It's time to schedule my "streaming programming" for what I watch during downtime, more music videos, more learning, less "tv" as it were.

It's late, and I have lots of work to do tomorrow, so I better get to bed.  Someone prompt me to write more on these blogs :P

~Sean aka Wookie