Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sound Quality

     I used to make my minimum sound quality for playlists or posting videos from YouTube (or mp3s) cutoff at 360, but lately I'm noticing quite a bit of difference up to 480 and higher, so that is my new minimum, whenever possible.  Occasionally, you will see a 360 in a post or playlist, because it was the best I could find at the time, and I didn't have time to record it better later from my personal collection, but if you see anything you'd really like in higher quality, remind me, and I'll add it to the ripping/encoding/uploading list.

     It seems to me, that analog is still the best sound quality, until you get up to 720HD where the difference is finally very marginal, yet the harmonics and overtones are still going to be better on high quality analog over high quality digital.  It also helps to get headphones or speakers with significant range over the 20hz to 20khz "standard" range that many silly companies believe is enough for the majority of listeners.  I strive for 12hz and Lower to 24khz and Higher.  After this stat, I look for build quality, and things like "wire shielding", so that what I get will sound as good possible, for as long as possible.

     As I start recording more, I'm sure I'll make more posts in this regard.

Iron Maiden